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Coventry halfpenny


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Just bought this as part of a group, not in hand yet but the pics are promising. I am just starting to get into this arena, been buying a few from a guy who is unloading a wide range of world medals and tokens.


Not sure the D&H listing...don't know the edge lettering yet.


It looks like the flatness on each side is due to strike and not use?





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Robert Reynolds was the issuer of the Lady Godiva tokens and the edge inscription PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF ROBERT REYNOLDS & CO is the standard edge for this multi-year series of tokens. The diesinker was William Mainwaring and the manufacturer of the token was William Lutwyche. Robert Reynolds & Co. were ribbon weavers in Coventry.


The other 2 edge varieties for #231 are extremely rare and are likely workman freaks.


A quite common token but always in demand due to its subject matter.

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