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How to work at the mint and loose your shirt


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Hi folks,


I was blethering in a post and felt this little story really deserved its own post.


If my Dad ever spots it and gives me a thick ear or a frown with the thought behind it, I'll let you know I suffered.


Right, lets get back to the mid 1960's, I was just a wee lad that most Aussie's had trouble understandin'.


Dad was working at the Royal Australian Mint note printing in Melbourne.

Not exactly sure what department, but it was with the fitters and machinists.


Now one day during the normal course of money printing events, some plates were being adjusted or fitted.


Unsure of the exact logistics of what he was doing, he managed to be under the plates holding it up with his back, while others did things elswhere. That all went well, and the job was done.


Come time to knock off, Dad is on his way out the gate, and the guard yells at him.


'OI ! You there, STOP', everybody stops.


What, who?

The guard walks up to Dad, and holds his hand in the air scribing circles, 'Turn around Billy'.

The gate guard says to Dad.


Dad turns around. Guard poking him in the back,


'..and where do you think you are going with them?'


Looks over his shoulder at 1 pound notes printed all over the back of his nice white shirt.


Oh, well, I can't spend them, what do you want, my shirt?


Dad appeared home that evening in his singlet.




I think Dad was there for a couple of years.

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