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the Queen Victoria Thread


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one of the most important parts of British History, and so many wonderful and Beutiful coins minted during this period with plenty of lovely pieces at affordable prices and some super rare bits as well as many other bits from around the world.

and spink patinas don't count.. as they really arn't victorian pieces



1840 Farthing EF grade. Normal Date





AEF 1853 farthing, weak strike on the date


1854 halfpenny, VF grade, probably the one everyone can afford in the copper series



please click the omni link.. it has important information about this particular coin

to sum up... this is a VERY RARE type of the 1858 farthing (small date)

, this coin will set you back £30-£35 in Fine/GF, this coin is more like VF and as such is a very nice piece... that and it was missed by peck so is not classified in some book (hence why i origionally paied the sum of £6 for it) this is my current precious piece of my collection




EF 1861 farthing



EF/UNC 1862 halfpenny, let down by scratch on obverse


1862 2 over 2 (hard to determine if this can be counted as a new variant or not)




1863 penny, VF grade, another annoying scrastch lets it down


another 1863


1864 serif 4, one of the key dates




1875 large date farthing

VF - another nice piece from my collection, wasn't a cheap piece for the grade (£6 for a aVF/VF farthing is a fair bit of money) all the ones listed on colin cooke are VF+ at £38 so i'm guessing this one would be good for £25-30


1884 gothic florin



withdrawn type 1887 6D

around the VF mark, and a gorgeous looking piece


normal type in GF/fine



1895 shilling, only in Fair, BUT the Large Rose type


1896 halfpenny EF grade, green patina



EF again, some lustre, a good £8 worth of coin

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Poor condition but I like the photo;





Nice halfpenny;






I like milled toning;





These are the only Vickys I have photos of :ninja: I shall have to photograph the rest at some point soon.

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I don't have any Vicky coins anymore, except a few cull grade farthings, but here was one of my favourite pieces.



1871 Shield reverse sovereign (my fave sovereign design of all time), and my third fave Vicky coin design after the Gothic florins and Crowns.



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These don't count as they are not coins, but thought they should be in the Queen Victoria thread




This is a bois durci plaque I posted previously LINK but what is that in the bottom left corner?


It is a gold medal by J. B. Merlen(or Merlin) BHM# 1916 RRRR.(highest rarity in BHM, generally considered as between 1 to 9 examples known) the larger one is 111mm the smaller is only 11mm & 1.1grams.


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I found her among a bag of scrap silver , its difficult to get a pic of the reverse due to the fineness of the design and my lack of photography skills.


:ninja: You'd never find anything like that for scrap in the Pacific NW.

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its just very common, and not really worth more then scrap, its silver from 1887 and its worth so little compared to other silver coins :ninja:


And thats a problem ? Are the Mercury dimes not fairly commen but avidly collected ? What about barber dimes ? Buffalo nickels , theres all manner of coins collected Scott , intrinsic value isnt always the reason.

To address the claim the coin is not worth much more than scrap , lets look at that , it weighs about 5.6gms and the value you put on it is 7 quid which comes out at $11.50.A US quarter weighs 6.2gm and were also silver prior to 1964 , which do you think sells for more at any auction ?Its not the quarter mate , so what id suggest is a little research on relative coin values and weights before laughingly condemning somebodies coin buddy.


Its also very commen , well..i lived my whole life in the UK and its the first one ive ever seen and in pretty decent condition too.I can buy silver half dollars for less than 7 quid Scott and they weigh over 12gm.

You can too , check any on line auction , kinda blows your theory out the water.

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wasn't insulting, i was going off what book said, EF £7 is all it is, and i live in the UK and they pop up often, and in average grade then yes its only scrap value in those grades, and i wasnt comparing it to other USA coins, i was comparing to UK coins. the first shilling valued at less then £7 is 1928 in this book, i wasnt insulting the coin, i'm just dissapointed by its valuation in general, because its a nice piece.

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