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Bellaire Texas Coin Show

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Kind of late announcing this. But...


Annual Summer Bellaire Coin Show

Bellaire Civic Center

7008 S. Rice Ave.

Houston, TX 77401

August 1-2, 2009

(Saturday & Sunday)


Just getting ready to walk out the door. If you do go this morning and spot a big, ugly, pony tailed guy walking around with a gray surf board tee-shirt say Hi!

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Just back. Guess I missed you.


It was packed and stacked. One poor guy was off in a corner you had to work thru a slot to get to. The tables had enough room between them for 3 people and most of the place thats how many there were. May go back tomorrow and see whats left. One of the dealers I know is retiring so they are liquidating everything they can. Saw some pretty nice coins. And did pick up a couple morgans I was missing. A 1901 and a 1899. Also picked up a couple whim morgans and 4 bulk silver dollars 2 morgans and 2 peace.


Saw some nice pillars, ancients, medieval etc. coins. But could not get close enough to see very well. The time I was there one guy had his books spread out over a lot of the display and kept the dealer tied up. Hopefully the guy was actually buying.

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