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Malaysia $1 dollar banknote with triple errors or UNIQUE?Need help from the expert please,urgent!!

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Hello,its nice to see you once again.Im having alot of trouble and questions with this notes below:




Malaysia 1986 second series type 2$1 dollar normal note.




Malaysia 1986 second series type 2$1 dollar note with triple errors or unique?




Malaysia 1982 second series blindman type 1[a]$1 dollar normal note.


All this notes were printed by thomas de la rue


Obviously,the second note is definely much difference compare with the first note even their same series and issued in the same year.The difference is the second note has no security intermittent 'stardust',the shinning thing is missing on the centre icon.Surprisingly,the slimmer security thread lining is not as thick as the first note but just exactly like the blindman series note.The second note security feature is completely difference compare with the normal note(first note)but it is exactly the same with the older version blindman series note(third note).I absolutely feel very curious about it and certainly never seen anything like this before.Im still not very sure if the second note is normal type,tripple error or an unique note becouse it is only listed the normal note in my catalogue.So I need someone who is a truthly banknote expert to help me to identify this note if this is normal or tripple errors type and also please let me know if this note with this three things are listed in your catalogue.I have uploaded with some superlarge scans,pease enlarge the scans below and compare them,probably you will see the difference.Anyway,I hope to hear from you as soon as possible,Thanks.


To know and learn more about this second series $1 dollar note please visit this link at Visit My Website its a malaysian banknote blog,dont worry.











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Once again .......


Have you tried to contact the Malaysia Numismatic Society to see if anyone there can provide more info on any of the notes you have been asking about. They may know of a member that can assist you more. They may know of someone that specializes in these notes. Here is their information


Malaysia Numismatic Society

P.O. Box 12367

50776 Kuala Lumpur



and their email is info@money.org.my

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