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My latest acquisitions


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My latest acquisitions - information/appraisal welcome. Enjoy! :ninja:


These are a bit random and assorted, but I have posted mostly the best ones I can see..


1. 2 Maravedis of Spain, (Catholic Monarchs) Lion & Castle, Obverse: Castle, pomegranate below castle (mintmark of Granada mint).

Reverse: Rampant Lion.


Obverse: castle







2. Silver Denarius, "The Rape of the Sabine Women" (89 BC) a contemporary forgery with 'tinned' surface, Fine. Cr344/1a; Syd 698.






3. Republican Silver Denarius (L. Sentius C.f. 101 BC) 3.82 grammes, a good cast copy.







4. Roman Republican Denarius, 108-107 BC (Sear 184) Conjoined Heads of Dioscuri (Sons of Jupiter) right, XIV monogram below chin (?!). Rev: Galley to the right, control letter 'C' below MN FONTEI above.










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Nice group of coins. I find #7 to be the one that's most interesting to me. Enjoy them.
I am. Thanks. Can you tell me something about that Solidus? I don't have much info on it myself.. ;)


I think I might be able to offer some assistance on this one as it's more up my street than the others are.


It is a Venetian Soldino as you know, I believe it to be of the Doge 'Leonardo Lauredon' who ruled from 1501 until 1521.


The obverse, Lauredon himself kneeling before Saint Mark of Venice, reads "LEO LAV DVX S.M.V." which means "LEOnardo LAVredon DVX/(Latin for leader, so, in this case, Doge) S.M.V./(Saint Mark of Venice).


The reverse features a haloed figure of Christ with a cross. The legend here reads LAVSTI BISOLI, to be read as LAVS TIBI SOLI where LAVS comes from the Latin verb Laudo which is the verb to praise. TIBI means "You/Yourself" but in this case "Thou" and SOLI from the verb "Solus" which is "to be alone". Hence this side translates as "Thou Alone be Praised". How I love Latin. :ninja:


I hope this helps.

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Explain them for me? Esp the reverse inscriptions??


I wish that I could! Sorry you've got the wrong man for the job here, British silver/gold coinage from 1662-1815 is my area, not ancients, unfortunately.


Admittedly though I do have a few denarii out of historical interest, as my avatar illustrates but that's the historian in me! Unfortunately I can hand on heart say I know absolutely nothing about the Republican period of Roman history, the only part of Roman history I have any idea about is the 1st century and early second CE. Sorry!

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