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have worn coin from Ireland, Can't Identify


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its the Size of a Penny, reverse looks like Hibernia HOWEVER instead of Hibernia over a the Harp it says Ireland

the Obverse, has a portrait facing Right, only part of the Legend i can read is Patrick (goes around on the left) and some part of the Date 182(then it is worn away)

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Davis 43 Bust to right crowned with a wreath of shamrock. ST PATRICK APOS 432

A harp of nine strings surmounted by a royal crown. IRELAND 1806 R. Parkes.



Davis 66 An unlaureated draped bust to right, a cross on the breast. St PATRICK: APOSTLE 432 + The cross is suspended by a Chain.

A harp of nine strings surmounted by a royal crown. IRELAND 1806 R.r.



Davis 67 Similar, but legend St PATRICK APOS 432 On the shoulder P The cross is connected to the rosary or necklet by a loop instead of a chain.

As last (upper string points to upper dot on soundbox). R. Parkes.



I know you said yours is dated 182? but could it be 18?? LINK TO IRISH TOKENS

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From Barry Woodside's excellent site:

"The figures on the tokens represent the year A.D. 432, when it was supposed the Patron Saint of Ireland commenced his mission to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity"


I can see how a faint 432 could look like 182, can you make out 1806 below the harp on the reverse?

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