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kuhli's world coin auctions


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Had to have some work done to the wife's car today, put me back several hundred, eliminated my coin budget for a few weeks. Need to build some PayPal reserves for future purchases.<HR> <CENTER><TABLE border="2" cellspacing="1" width="100%"><TR><TD width="50%" align="center"><IMG border="0" src="http://coins.sdsimon.com/coinpeople/auction_1.JPG" width="300" height="367"></TD><TD width="50%"><OL><LI>Morocco<BR>10 francs<BR>AH1371 (1952)<BR>KM#49<BR></LI><LI>Great Britain<BR>5 pence (small size)<BR>1990<BR>KM#937b<BR></LI><LI>Norway<BR>50 øre<BR>1984<BR>KM#418<BR></LI><LI>Spain<BR>1 peseta<BR>1963(*65)<BR>KM#775<BR></LI><LI>South Africa<BR>10 cents<BR>1974<BR>KM#85</LI></OL></TD></TR><TR><TD colspan="2">Bidding starts at $1.00, which <B>includes all</B> postage and handling within the US.  For Canada, add .25c, International, add .50c, to cover additional postage expense. PayPal preferred, cash (US$, EU€, UK£, CDN$), check or money order (US$).  Will <I>consider</I> trades for material I need, but prefer the money to buy what I want.<P>This auction closes at 10:00 pm EST (GMT -5) on Friday, 05-August-05.</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER>

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