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Is This a Cartwheel 4d?


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2 Silvered 2d cartwheels made into a buckle, the last pic shows that something was attached below both coins, since removed. The initials T. H. S. are stamped into the obverse of the left cartwheel.


Could have been a buckle for some form of regalia, used by a lodge or political club in England in the early 1800's to show loyalty to the king.


If the silvering and attachments were done by a silversmith the initials could be for Thomas Streetin a London silversmith active at that time.


All pure speculation I know but there are no catalogs or references for this sort of item. On the plus side, I only paid $25 canadian for two silvered 2d cartwheels.

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Now how on earth did you manage to pay such a cheapskate amount for such a great item? ;)


I am the world record holder in cheapskating :ninja: but even I, when I asked the vendor how much he wanted for the buckle, did not try to bargain him down to a lower price. I must be slipping.

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It makes me think how cool these coins would have looked in silver! :ninja:


A nice piece of exonumia you've got there for sure.


They are listed in my Spink at 3750 GBP in silver (Proof, FDC). You can have one if you like ;)


Or even Gold Proof - 12,500


I can't find a photo of a silver or gold one online, unfortunately...

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I posted it in exonumia but thought some of the british coin-collectors might not have seen it there so reposted here. Nothing wrong with your memory.

:ninja: I now see the thread subtitle where you mentioned that!

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