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One Big Ukrainian Coin

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The crazy thing about the hryvnia coins is that I rarely see them. In two months I have managed to find only 20 of them in circulation. The 2004-2006 dated coins have Volodomyr Beliki on them, the earlier ones are of the design seen in the bank logo above. Inasmuch as dollar coins in the USA don't really circulate, the same is for the Hryvnia coins. Problem is they are worth far less, almost 8 of them to the $1, and people use a lot of really snarfy 1, 2, and 5 Hryven notes to make change. If that wasn't confusing enough, there are two different 1 and 2 Hryven notes still circulating, and in the case of the 1 Hry, they are even different colours.

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This model of a Ukrainian Hryvnia coin is at a bank not too far from my place here, I just never had my camera whenever I went by it.


So much for 'small change'.

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Wow! they cannot find an album for it, that's why they place it outside! :ninja:


thank you scottishmoney for sharing the picture, very nice

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