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www.petitioncrown.com is having a complete overhaul


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Hi all back again.


www.petitioncrown.com is having a complete overhaul :ninja: I need help ;) In 18 months I had 114 requests for hammered and early milled coinage. I am not a website builder and do not know what is important to the individual collector.


You will see the navigation buttons are not in small hidden groups yet - just ignore them


Help write and tell me how in your eyes to improve the site:


Continuous new coins daily or weekly

Links to world news

Gold price live

Stories about specific coins

Information about Britain at a specific time the coins were made

A forum

A place to post your own photos on the site


In the UK or World Wide we have a growing number of collectos - the site is a non commercial project and is not created to develop an information site for investors.






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