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Rare 1924-1925 Empire Exhibition Medal.

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The Mond Nickel Company Ltd, undated, struck from pure nickel (45mm), by PM (Percy Metcalfe 1895-1970) Rare.


Obv: helmeted head of warrior (Britannia) right, holding trident, below, part of a globe featuring a deer(springbok?), beaver, kangaroo and tiger,(for South Africa, Canada, Australia & India)

Rev: THE/ MOND / NICKEL / COMPANY / LTD / NICKEL 99.9% plain edge.


A striking minimalistic art deco design in an unusual metal(Nickel) for a commemorative medal, but considering the Company it was designed for, a brilliant choice. It is a very powerful image enhanced by its pure simplicity. Undated & no explanation of what it commemorates, if anything, but the design screams British Empire and 1920`s so as most medal collectors could even now guess it was for the 1924-1925 Empire Exhibition.

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I love the low relief designs of this sort.


Percy Metcalfe the designer of the medal also produced the English coinage of that period, as well he designed for Ireland, Australia, Canada etc etc. That is why his low-relief designs of medals are so successful & popular. He was also a sculptor. It is worth googling him to see some of his work.


Here is a link to his pottery-work LINK

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