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Napoleon Bonaparte and me

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Maybe of interest for those who collect the Napoleonic era:




Germany, Jeton or counter of Napoleon and Hermann (German name for Arminius, who killed Varus and most of his 3 legions), by J. W. Huber ( ;) ) (Fürth), struck ca. 1825 AD.( ;) ),

Brass Medal with hanger (21-26 mm / 2,72 g),

Obv.: NAPOLEON - EMPEREUR / H , laureate head of Napoleon Bonaparte left.

Rev.: HERMANN - D. DEUTSCHE , frontal view of Arminius / Hermann holding up sword with his right and long shield with left arm.

Ref. ;) .


Maybe someone can correct or add my vague attribution.


Thanks and regards.



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For what it's worth the book Nuremberg and Nuremberg Style Jetons by L.B. Fauver also identifies this piece as by J.W. Huber of Furth (worked 1825-1840). But he calls the reverse as "Mars, standing, sword and harp". Forrer doesn't have an entry for him.

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