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Fuang of Rama V


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Having a hell of a time zooming in on the obverse of this coin and trying to etch out a date on this Fuang (1/8 Baht) of King Rama V of Thailand, can someone help me out by showing me where it is?






PS: Sorry I didn't use the original so you have an edited photo that cannot be enlarged - though if the date is there, an expert probably sees it?..

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If I were a betting man I would say you have an undated 19th Century coin.


The pictures in Krause are not sharp enough to read the legends clearly and determine whether yours matches the 19th or 20th Century version more closely, but Y#32 is listed as an undated (and unspecified mintage) coin produced from 1876-1900. Y#32a was minted from 1901-1908, bearing the dates RS120 (1901) to RS127 (1908). I blew your pictures way up, and couldn't find a recognizable "12" anywhere on either side.


That said, I have to ask, are you sure you have a fuang? It would make no difference on the date issue, but the identical design was used for a salung (1/4 baht) - Y#33/33a - during the same time frame.


The salung had a larger diameter (~21mm vs. ~17mm), and was roughly double the weight.

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