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Welcome. Perhaps you should list what you have and perhaps the member of this forum could help you out in identifying them and aid you in some way in showing you what you may have.

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looking through the bag there seems to be 40/50 coins most are foriegn dont seem to be any that would interest seasoned collectors like yourself


alot of czech coins, american coins, 3x cypriot 50p and various pre euro eurpean coins


the ones i like best is a one lilangeni coin from swaziland and a 100 pesos coin from colombia, i like them because they mustve travelled a fair distance to get in to box in my mums house lol


the old coins i have are:


a 1924 half penny

1963 two shilling coin

and old 5p coin from 1968

and 2 old 50p coins from 1969 and 1981


also have one that looks like a half penny but the side with the queens head on it seems to be covered in paint or something and is hard to make ot

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hello all!


new to the forum, just found a bag of foreign and old coins in a box and thought i would try and find out more about them




This is very dangerous: You will find out very interesting details about their origin and history behind.


After a few days you can´t resist to acquire similar and more of them. Again you will find out new details and intersting aspects.


And so on.


You will start thinking about how to hide your enormous expenses - so the rest of your family can not help you.


But we may help you in our coinoholics group!

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