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guinea forgeries/gaming chips?


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got a few here, some are obvious gaming chips others could be either

all of these are differant sizes so one is 1/3rd one is 1/2 and one is a full, well im guessing that is the case anyway, dont see any reason for these to be the real thing, they dont look like gold


this is definatly a fake, probably one of the gaming chips


m personal fave, great details, could be either, interesting double 9 and previous dye engraving reminets in the sheild.


the more golden looking one, looks to be a fake rather then a gaming chip.

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These are all imitation spade guineas. They were used as advertisements, gaming chips, counters etc. The majority of them are very common and you can pick them up in large quantities from such outlets as eBay. Personally, I really like your second one as it has a nice level of detail remaining. :ninja:

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