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Albert Edward Trial Strike 1850 Update

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I noticed a small central hole in both the obverse & reverse of the trial strike, so took the opportunity to email the pics to Philip Attwood Curator of medals Dept of Coins and Medals at the British Museum to ask his opinion on the following points:


Do you have anymore information on rarity or number of trial strikes?

Did a member of the Royal Family (maybe even Queen Victoria) have to approve the design before they were struck?

And finally in the exact centre of both the Obv. & Rev. is a tiny hole as if this was mounted in a lathe, any ideas or thoughts on that?


This is his reply:


Thank you for your message. This is an interesting piece. I have no knowledge of how many similar trials were produced but I would have thought very few. It is presumably taken from the reduction at an early stage, before - as you say - the lettering was added. I would say that the holes in the centre probably resulted from the reducing process and that this trial was taken before they were removed. Whether the Queen sanctioned the portraits in advance I do not know but they certainly seem to have been commissioned. It may interest you to know that I published the drawing and wax model for this medal in an article on Leonard Wyon published in The Medal, no. 31 (1997).

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