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Ugliest man on a coin

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The late and somewhat insane Commodus:




Commodus, Rome mint, 191 AD.,

Æ Sestertius (25-28 mm / 22,76 g),

Obv.: [L] AEL AVREL CO - MM AVG [P F]EL , laureate head of Commodus right.

Rev.: S[ERAPIDI CON] - SERV AVG COS [VI P P] / S - C , Serapis, radiate, wearing kalathos, standing front, head left, holding branch and scepter.

RIC 601 (Scarce) ; Coh. 705 .

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If only I had an Henry VIII coin from England... not a pretty picture, especially the ones from the last years of his reign.


Glad to see the Churchill crown made it on here! A truly hideous coin, there are actually worse George III and IV coins than the ones pictured. The 'Bull Head' halfcrown of George III is pretty unflattering as is the Pistrucci George IV ones.


Sone of the thalers take some beating too, especially the guys with the big chins.

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