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My latest token acquisitions..

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Thought I'd show you my latest tokens I found in the same job lot as the Hawaiian coin I made a post about in the World Coin Forum. If only they didn't have them holes!!..


I am clueless, will be emailing them to Simmonds Gallery soon, anyone know anything about these?..

















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The White Brothers token is Rulau Bos 119 Brass, 119a copper, 119b nickel/c, 26mm. The picture in Ralau(2004) shows a token with a hole, so might have all been issued holed. Dated 1890's the script on the reverse is pseudo-arabic used as ornamentation. Listed under Gay Nineties Massachusetts.

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Thanks for the info as usual...Simmonds says Boston in Cali?



Willow calf is a leather! Generally colored(not black) with lines like willow bark, hence the name. Nothing to do with California.


The White brothers were shoemakers in Boston Massachusetts. Each type of their tokens were attached to a tag, which was then attached to a pair of their shoes. Several of the original tags survive and these identify White Brothers as specialists in colored leathers which "will not crack" and are "free from arsenic"


Miller lists it as Mass 94.

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I don't understand your explanation. When he told me this he just said something like "..very common type of token (advertising label)..a Californian shoe-maker in the 1890-1920 period"


He is right that it is a very common token( hence very cheap), but it is not from California, I assume that the "Willow Calf BOSTON. U. S. A." leads him to think it is from California, but it is from the other side of the USA in Boston, Massachusetts.


Willow Calf is not part of the address, but a leather that, among others, the White Brothers Company used.


Hope that is clearer, if not ask away. Sorry for any confusion :ninja:


A pair of Willow Calf shoes


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