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Casimir Delavigne

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Greetings! The attached token or medal commemorates, I believe, the death of a French poet and dramatist: Casimir Delavigne (4 April 1793 - 11 December 1843).


I've searched and searched online and can find nothing in reference to this token. I'm assuming these were created as mementos for those attending his funeral. Does that sound reasonable?


He's a somewhat famous figure in France. There's a street named after him in Paris--and a hotel, too.


The token is part of a coin collection that's been handed down through generations of family members--the bulk of it being collected by a distant uncle who worked at the S.F. mint at the turn of the century.


Anyway, any and all speculation and/or insights would be most appreciated. I'm curious, of course, what the value might be. I'm reluctant to simply auction if off--thinking that someone or some dealer in France might be FAR more interested in it than anyone in the U.S. I've even considered approaching the minister of culture in Paris and see if they could point me in the direction or a museum and/or dealer who might want to purchase it. 'Any other ideas?!?


~ Michael



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I really like this piece, although I can't find anything about it online either, in French or in English. It's very similar to a 12-sided jeton issued in 1842 to commemorate the accidental death of the Duc d'Orléans: same style portrait and lettering. For goodness sake, don't sell it. Give it to someone who will take good care of it, like me. :ninja:

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