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Roman coin needing some identification...

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A friend of mine found this coin a while back but does not know what it is. Neither do I as my area is English hammered coins not Romans. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :ninja:




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If that's the Antoninus Pius I know of, he's also known as Caracalla and was Emperor 198-217 CE.






That's all I can tell so far..working on it.


(Definitely Caracalla) http://www.chijanofuji.com/Obverse_Legends.html Obverse F in Roman Base Metal Coins..there is actually a faint M at end of obverse script.


It does look quite like this one, found on CoinArchives.com






"Lion carrying a thunderbolt in its mouth"




Looks like I'm out, but I did try... :ninja:


I also find it odd he has been Consul for 4 years on both coins and yet on your coins, Tribunicia Potestas for 19 years and only 18 years on this one...hehe ;)

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Your coin seems to be an old - maybe contemporary - lead or white metall cast copy of this impressive type.

The original silver coins had been minted in Rome A.D. 216 .

The bust type "laureate head" indicats the denarius denomination.




Caracalla (otherwise known as Antoninus III then), Rome mint, 216 AD.

AR Denarius,

Obv.: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM , laureate head of Caracalla right.

Rev: P M TR P XVIIII COS IIII P P. radiate lion walking left, holding thunderbolt in his mouth.

RIC IV, Part I, p.254, no. 283c ; BMC 178 ; Cohen 367 .

(genuine specimens are rated rare)


I suppose there will be no silver visible after careful filing on the edge.


Contemporary white metal copies of those types are usually called "limes denarius".



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The year before his death - assassination lead by Macrinus makes sense, as well as the idea that it's a copy makes perfect sense, I had suspected it might be. It doesn't look right to me anyway :ninja:


I was wondering why he seems to have an as piece, and yet I could only located Silvers...hrmh..

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Thank you very much gentlemen; your posts are much appreciated! I suspected something odd as the coin did not have the silvery-appearance that his other Romans had.


I shall let my friend know what it is. Thanks again! :ninja:

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