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Few quality bit and pieces.

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I won't leave them here for long, because I have other ideas for them :ninja: but maybe I could sell them quickly?..


Here's a few nice coins I'm prepared to sell off to help build up my available cash reserves - I hope there's something of interest to someone. Prices are given in pounds (GBP) but will accept the equivalent dollars.


Have got PayPal and will also accept Euros or Dollars in cash (your risk).


First up a very nice Isle of Man token issue Halfpenny of 1831 - looks a very nice VF-XF, some small/modest wear but no other problems. Asking 30 GBP + postage








Portuguese India 1 Rupiah (1935):

Valued in my book (World Coins 11th ed.) as XF: $30.00; UNC: $55.00 judge as you please.


12.00 g, 0.9170 silver, 0.3536 oz. ASW


Asking 25 GBP + postage.








Southern Rhodesia One Crown 1953 (Birth of Cecil Rhodes centennial) - lovely grade on this one.


mintage: 124,000; 28.28 g; 0.500 silver; 0.4546 oz. ASW;


Obverse designer: Rary Gillick

reverse designer: T.H. Paget


Edge lettering: 1853 OUT OF VISION CAME REALITY 1953


XF: $30.00, UNC: $40.00, BU: $85.00 (World Coins 11th ed.)


Asking 15 GBP + postage





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