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Sunga Coin - A Copper Coin of Sunga Period India

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Dear Friends


I like to share one more coin with you which is about 2200 Years Old. This coin was issued by a Sunga Ruler. The founder of Sunga Dynasty was a Pushyamitra Sunga a Mauryan General who killed the last Mauryan Emperor.


sungobv.jpg sungrev.jpg


Details of Coin is as follows


Metal : Copper Alloy

Obverse : Elephant with a Warrior

Reverse : Three Arched Hill

Year : 2nd Century BC




Shariq Khan


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I love these old Indian coins :ninja: here is one of my Sungas





Sunga Empire

187-75 BC

Cast copper

1/2 Karshapana

Cross & horse

Cross & crown

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Shariq KHan you seem to be 'the man' on Indian coinage...Does the following pic ring any bells? I picked it up in a job lot a few years back and it's a tiny coin. ( A few mms) I've often been curios but never have got around into really delving. I also picked up about 6-10 pieces of Silver (various Tankas..) on a business trip to Bangladesh about eight years ago. Laziness being the main bane in my life I still havn't gotten around to reseraching them. On another trip I visited the coin museum in Delhi where I bought a CD with their collection on it and I was going to do some searching... If I was a superhero I would be called the procrastonator...my slogan would be "Eventuaaaaaaaaaly"! anyhow If you are willing I might post the pics of those too. Great caligraphy on some of them but not as nice as moghul coins in that regard.






By the way what is the OD mm size of the coin that you posted?


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Just addes the six Bengal coins I had on Omnicoin. I decided as I was going to do it anyway I might just bite the bullet and do the research. Let me know if I got any wrong. Nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not scarce. Still nice historic silver for the $15 I paid for each. I'm now up to 41 coins on Omni now...hundreds and hundreds yet to be included. Just thinking about it makes me tired!

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Thanks for your inspirational words and I also must appreciate your interest in Indian Coins and you will find them more interesting as you go more deep into them because of their varieties and number of rules, dynasties, princely state, colonies, mahajanpadas, cities, states and foreign coins(like Greek, Roman, Byzantine found in India) . Their number is still increasing as new discoveries reveals new proofs of dynasties in totally different areas their of Rule.


The size of my coin listed in the post is about 1.5 cm (i.e diameter)


I also like to see your coins of Bengal Sultans.

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Thanks Scottishmoney. I have also added translation facility to my website http://coinsindia.info to make it more benifcial to worldwide coin collectors who are interested in Indian Numismatics. You can also read e-books about Indian History and Numismatics at http://coinsindia.info/content/e-books-ind...ics-and-history . I hope that these books will be beneficial for all coin lovers.

You can also check some of my blogs






For more information about Indian Coins.



Indian history is deep, with many great cultures and a bit of a mystery to those of us that live in west unfortunately. Thanks for sharing the coin.
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The other side too worn I'm afraid to have any relief. It just seemed that the letter? on the less worn side looked like sanskrit. Then again I could be wrong.


I've posted some of my Indian coins on Omnicoin:





Let me know if you see any errors in Identification. I will try and post some of the rest one of these days.





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