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Three Silver Romans

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A couple of Gordian III's I picked up nice and cheap (eBay steals) - though I'm of the belief that these must be quite common? The grades look fantastic, anyone wanna let me down? Then there's an old guy, this one must be much rarer and I picked it up at an auction - I am finding the legends very hard, especially the old guy as it's so low relief.















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All I know of the reverse on this one, "GENIUS EXERC. ILLYRICIANI"and it's the emperor standing.


On that basis this leads us to RIC 38??? a, b, ??


....except it isn't those, because I can see something lurking at right.


Could be this one. RIC 16




(Now I realise there are yet more of them quite similar to sort through!...doh! amateur LOL)

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