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1837 Halfpenny


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Is this a usual version of this type :ninja: :




Great Britain, William IV, dies by William Wyon, 1837 AD.,

Halfpenny (28 mm / 9,47 g), toothed border both sides,

Obv.: GULIELMUS IIII - DIE GRATIA / 1837 , his bare head right, W.W. on truncation, date below; diebreak above the king's head.

Rev.: BRITANNIAR: REX - FID: DEF: , seated helmeted Britannia facing right with a shield and trident; floral emblem: rose, thistle, and shamrock in the exergue. Reverse struck en médaille, die axis 0° .

Peck 1462 or -5 ; S. 3847 ; KM 706 .

mintage 349,440



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Looks quite normal to me, what do you think is odd about it? The monarchs head will change direction from one to the next if that is what is puzzling you.

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For years why? prior to 1916 dont forget that Ireland was a part of Great Britain and even after that the North remains a part, they used the HArp as well and the Flur de lyis :ninja:

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... , whats the jagged thingy at the : after DEF?


The first impression might be corrosion bubbles. But the surface is perfectly patinated and untouched there between the small "hills".


So i think it´s a either a die defect or some result of the double striking.

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