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Hi All,

I'm looking for some software/program to index/catalogue my fledgling banknote collection?

This could include scanning and documenting them to a database but I don't want to use a online database!


Any advice can be very useful,



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Indeed! One of our members, Boydle, has written a collectibles database program that has a specific application for banknotes. His website is here: http://compasscollectables.com/


If you keep an eye out on the Coinpeople Contests section, he's been conducting contests (Guess this notes details) and the prize has been a free copy of the program. I've received a copy and I must say that it seems pretty darn nice! It's customizeable and very easy to use.

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Dave34 As above I have written a program that can do what you want please check it out.


I am running some competitions for the software and have 7 more copies I am willing to give away feel free to have a go. Otherwise it costs $29.95 Aussie.

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I have used Adobe Acrobat. I've scanned all my notes and then put them in pages just like my albums complete with black background and it's possible to add any notes regarding the item . I also put a country index at the begining just like the DVD version of the Krause catalogues so it's easy to move from one area to another.


I have found it an ideal solution.

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