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Compass Collectables - Software


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I have written software for keeping track of Coins, Bank Notes and other Collectables.


Trial Versions are available.


It is sold by collection type first one is $29.95AUD extras are $9.95AUD

I will add a free collection to anyone from this forum who buys the software so you can do coins and notes for the base price without having to pay the extra 9.95. For the discount you will meet need to meet the same criteria as the advertising forum :ninja:.


I am also willing to give it away in return for articles for my sites http://germannotgeld.com or http://compasscollectables.com on any collecting related area not just bank notes or notgeld. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.


Check it out if you feel it needs something needs to be added to the software let me know.




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