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(Note: I did not design this website. I just take care of it.)


I think that every club can benefit from online presence that will draw people from your community to your organization. Meeting times and dates are important, of course, but I believe that to establish your club as a community resource, good content is important. Therefore, I give a lot of attention to the Articles archive. It is not a panacea. Like all advertising, it pays for itself but doesn't make any money -- but if you don't do it, you are invisible. At least, that's my theory...


The Michigan State Numismatic Society website is at http://www.michigancoinclub.org.

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Now that I am a Michigan resident we'll have to meet some time, perhaps if the MSNS show ever comes to Grand Rapids (wink wink!). Your website is very nice, lots of great information, though to be honest we have a couple board members from our club that provide us with nice updates every meeting. We are also starting to go on the web too, thanks to a newer member with the expertise, though given the age of our club, these new things take time (we just started doing the newsletter via e-mail!). Anyhow, nice work and I hope we can meet up sometime!

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