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Guess This Notes Details 2

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I will show an extra piece of this note everyday till someone figures it out. Lets see if it takes more than one guess this time :ninja:


To the first person who can name the country and denomination of this note I will give a copy of Compass Collectables software with all options enabled. see http://compasscollectables.com/ for software details







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Glad to be the winner.

it is a note that i dont have it in my collection and i search for it ever since i started my collection... the main disadvantage of living on the other side of the world.i consider it one of the most interesting note in the recent time.

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It was one of the first notes i picked up after starting collecting notes.


They sell for $20AUD in shops here in aus in UNC but I paid a little more for my not quite UNC version from Ebay, wish i had bothered to check out the shops.


These notes were part of the normal circulation but they all disapeared within about 6 months to peoples collections. You can occasionaly see someone spend one, I remember seeing a guy use one to buy a meal about a year ago and the young guy behind the counter thought the guy was mad :ninja: He took some convincing that it was real money. It is much like our $5 coin that was so huge you couldnt put it in your wallet they only lasted about 6 months as well.

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