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prussian coin

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Hi wonder if anyone can help. I have a coin bronze in colour one side has a man on horse back in armour and carrying a sword with the inscription The most Heroic C.F.IIIK. of Prussia round the perimiter Then at the bottom it says who conq the austrians Russians .French. Imperialists. & Swedes.

On the opposite side stands a lady i think in a dress with her foot on top of someone with a sword in one hand and a pair of scales in the other , the person under her foot has got a asp in one hand and a ball and chain fastened to the other. The wording round the edge says Spares the humble & subdues the proud. The date is 1757 i would like to know if it is a coin or a medal


Thank you

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Frederick the Great medal 1757. Struck in England (hence the english inscription). The.Most.Heroic C.F.III K of Prussia (for Caesar.Frederick. Should be II not III (the engravers mistake) The British were supporting Frederick with money to protect Hanover. Lovely die-break.


If you check out the link to my omnicoin collection I have a few more of his medals.


Or do a search at the bottom of the exonumia page for Frederick.


Here is one LINK just click on it and it will take you to one of my posts with some of the medals.

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