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Russian 1917 and 1918 Banknotes


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Hi all,


Why there is no reply - is there somthing wrong with the links? :ninja:


I would be glad to know what I have in hand, I'm not going to sell them, just for my knowledge thats all.






TQ -


I can't speak for the others, but myself, I noticed you had replies on another forum before I saw it on this one. Those other replies hadn't given any values, but they did give all the other relevant note information. This is why I didn't respond myself.


As for values, my catalog that I use for these older notes is itself old and in need of replacement. The values listed are very far off from what they would be today. However, with the information given from the other posts, you could look for these notes on Ebay or Heritage and see what they may have sold for recently on those sites. This will give you a better idea of what they would be worth versus what the catalog lists it as.


If you still would like, I can give you some old catalog prices, but my catalog is 10 years old.


Good luck!

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