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Unlisted George III Coronation Medal 1761.

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This 24mm gilded bronze coronation medal is not listed in BHM: Edited: It is BHM# 46 therefore RR. very rare.


K.GEO. & Q.CHARL. CROWND. SEP.22.1761.

Rev. VIRTUE.AND:BEAUTY CROWN OUR.KING:AND:QUEEN (rose) within open wreath, flower above. Weight: 3,7 gr.


The reverse inscription matches that on BHM 46 (but the obverse is totally different), the obverse is similar to the descriptions of BHM 49 & BHM 50 (unfortunately no pictures of either in BHM). According to the descriptions 49 has a 'Q' before 'CHAR' but no 'L' after 'CHAR' whereas 50 has no 'Q' before 'CHAR' but has an 'L' after 'CHAR'. My medal has both a 'Q' before and an 'L' after 'CHAR'. Plus all those medals are 25mm (not 24mm), 46 is brass and 49 and 50 are bronze but are not gilded.


There is the possibility that the descriptions in BHM are wrong regarding 49 or 50 and this could be a mule of 46 with either 49 or 50 on a smaller planchet.


Have sent pictures to the British Museum & hope to hear back from them.

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Further study of BHM shows that 49 has SEPR & 50 has SEP as does mine, so 50 is the more likely candidate. Also 50's reverse description just says similar to 49, which is, VIRTUE/ AND BEAUTY/CROWN OUR/ KING/ FREEDOM/ HIS PEOPLE. So it might in fact be, VIRTUE.AND:BEAUTY CROWN OUR.KING:AND:QUEEN. In that case mine would be BHM# 50 which is listed as AE RRR.


If anyone has a picture or link to a picture of either BHM#s 49 or 50 please post.

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Just received this email




I think that there is some confusion in Brown here. The medal that he lists as no. 46 is, as you will see from his book, in the British Museum's collection. Looking at the medal itself, it appears identical to yours in its obverse inscription, its diameter and even its metal (seemingly for it is not well preserved). The medal is therefore listed by Brown but his description is not accurate.


Best wishes


Philip Attwood

Curator of medals

Dept of Coins and Medals

The British Museum


So now I have amend the original post to show that it is BHM# 46 RR. very rare. I am not gloating that mine is in better condition that the British Museum's example, well, just a wee bit. :ninja:

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I like that, can I ask what book you are using as I have a number of Royal medals I would love to id correctly :ninja:


British Historical Medals, 1760-1960 in 3 Vols by Laurence Brown.


I have Vol. 1 The Accession of George III to the Death of William IV 1760-1837. & Vol. 2 The Reign of Queen Victoria 1837- 1901. Which covers the period I collect.

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