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Fake 1899-* 50 kopecks?


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If the image of the obverse is actually the same coin as the reverse, which shows the correct date, then this is either a counterfeit or an undocumented variety:



According to the standard references, all of the 1897 50 kopeck coins were minted in Paris. Like all the other 50 kopeck coins which were struck in Paris in 1896 and 1899, the border along the rim is much thicker than the St. Petersburg issues. The eBay coin has a thin border.


The only other possibility would be the plain-edge variety; however, Kazakov lists that one for all of the years concerned along with the Paris issued, thicker rim obverse types. Apparently there were no plain-edge coins struck in St. Petersburg.


This one doesn't look like one of the modern Chinese fakes we are seeing all over eBay now, though, and has seen a good deal of circulation. I'm going to send the seller a message and ask if there is a possibility of having mixed up some pictures along the way...

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Oops ... looks like he used the 1911 obverse for both coins.


Update: Today, the seller notified me that he has uploaded the correct image to the auction.

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