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Malaya KGVI banknote with blind tiger watermark variety?Please help me to identify and confirm it.Thanks.

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Hello everyone,I have not been logging here for quite sometimes and i miss you all very much.I try to look at the old malaya banknote and i found this malaya KGVI ten dollar banknote with blind tiger watermark(normally with the tiger eye can be seen on the watermark).May i know is this tiger watermark considered as variety or normal?If this is a variety one,then this is the first time i have ever seen something like this in my whole life as a collector.


If someone is good and specialist in old malaya banknote,please help me to identify and confirm this tiger watermark if it is a variety or not.I will apprieiciate your help very much,thank you.


Please enlarge the pictures below to see the tigermark carefully and give me your opinion,thanks. :ninja:






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Have you tried to contact the Malaysia Numismatic Society to see if anyone there can provide more info on any of the notes you have been asking about. They may know of a member that can assist you more. They may know of someone that specializes in these notes. Here is their information


Malaysia Numismatic Society

P.O. Box 12367

50776 Kuala Lumpur



and their email is info@money.org.my

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