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Mavrodi MMM Banknote


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Hi all,


Lately I have come accross some banknotes with "MMM" on the reverse and I have been told that these are notes from Russia(!) called Mavrodi MMM Banknotes . Can someone shade more light on this notes please :ninja: I'm sure that I have not seen them in any catalogue - since that I'm sure that maybe they are not from Russia (But I can't say that I'm 100% sure of that).


If they are from Russia (Not on Cataloges) - Should I collect them as well? adding them to my Russian Collection?

I would be glad to know how many nominal values are out there for collectors? I have seen 1 and 10 I'm sure that there are more (so I have been told)


Are they expensive ( they does not seems to look old 1994?) Why they are not in catalogue (all cataloges does not say a thing about them) - that leads me to believe that they are not from Russia (or something else is going arround them that does not smell right !!)


Please can some one help me understand the notes of Mavrodi MMM? what does MMM means ;)




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Mavrodi MMM was a company set up by Mavrodi, and was basically a Ponzi scheme type of thing with new investors monies paying earlier investors dividends. In reality most of the funds went to Mavrodi himself. The bons he created are worth about the usage of toilet paper in Russia, and nominally more as a curiousity outside of Russia. Why any fool would invest in garbage with an fugly dude on it is beyond me. If I were going to set up a Ponzi scheme, I would put bodacious females on it, and give the money some worth as a piece of art if not value as money.

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