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well, the UK fake circulating coin colection


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sure we discuss fakes here to avoid them on ebay,but no one has a few fakes as parts of the collection but i have picked up a few in circulation, have a few pounds and a couple of other bits coming up

these go from the good to the plain rediculous

http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=965646 1998- pound, best fake pound i have found.... one major flaw.... no pounds were made in 1998

http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=964116 - one of the most rediculous , dated 1993 with the celtic cross design (not used until 96) and the design is so poor and its not even struck aligned

http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=964117 - 2000, more reasonable again alignment it wrong and legend is thicker then normal, detail is not good either


the best is yet to come, not added the other few pieces

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alright, not added any for a week or so (i do have 1 to come though)


how to spot a fake £1


mint mark is the hardest part to forge so check that first (thats the + thing in case you were unaware of it being a mintmark)

lettering location, while the genuine coin can have the lettering either way up and aligned to any part of the coin, it will always be central, if its not its probably fake

lumps and flat bits, might show the coin is struck or is made of cheaper metal (the brass parts stuck over a cheaper metal would show a faint seam or flat area)


legends, on the poorer strikes you will see the legend is slightly thicker then normal.

detail. less detail on the acctual portrait area, so check the hair etc, better strikes it will be less noticable

rim thickness, how accurate this is i dunno but its the only thing i have on some of those fakes

colouration, wrong colouration could be a cheaper metal made to look like brass

other stuff:

weight, any differance in metal the weight would be differant unless acctually made of the same metal the weight would be differant.

the date and design, no circulation issues for 1998 or 1999 so any of those are probably fake, each year had a differant design, if the reverse does match the date then you have a fake

the BBC site covered some of the ways to spot a fake. it also brings up another which is not a good check

off centre - hard to use this to determine a fake, i have found fakes less offcentre then real £1's

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another possible fake



an interesting one, some details seem to point to fake, (letters on both sides scratched more then normal they usualy rub, few oddities on the ONE especially the E, and the alignment of the side text, it does rotate to more of the middle on the other side)


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