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Morgan Dollar by year

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1888-P VAM-8 Near Slanted Date


8 III2 6 - C3a (Near Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-3

Obverse III2 6- Date set further left than normal and slanted with 8 far from rim. Date set higher than 1888-P VAM-7. Thread-like impression at front of forehead and hair.




1888 O




1888 S



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Larger images here:






(Edited on Nov. 22, 2009 ... just added this one to the collection. If it weren't for the heavy rim dings and the scratch on Liberty's cheek, this would probably grade AU with no problem ... however, it IS a problem coin, but as such cost me less than 1/2 what it would have otherwise:)








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Sorry about the late posting. Go anead and post your 1889 morgans.


Remember if you want you can just make a text post here for 1889 and any time later come back and edit the post to add pictures in.

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1889 S Several points including mint mark strike doubled on reverse.




1889 O VAM 11 11 III2 6 - C3a (Wide Date) (181) I-2 R-4 Obverse III2 6 - 89 in date set further right of the rest of the numerals than normal. Reverse C3a - Mint mark set centered and upright.




1889-P VAM-5 Far Date


5 III2 5 - C3a (Far Date) (190) I-2 R-3

Obverse III2 5 -Closed and open 9 varieties. Date set further right than normal.






1889-P VAM-9A Far Slanted Date, Polishing Lines Liberty Head


9A III29 · C3a (Far Slanted Date, Polishing Lines Liberty Head) (190) I-2 R-5

Obverse III29– Heavy polishing lines in hair, ear, neck, lips, nose, eye and at hair line.


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Large images:





1889-P (probably VAM 7):



Date detail:



Larger images:




1889-P, VAM-13 (ANACS graded):



Here are links to very high resolution images of the above coin for those who want to look for the VAM details:



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Alright Moving on to 1890


1890-O VAM-7 Slanted Date

7 III2 4 - C3b (Slanted Date) (181) I-2 R-3

Obverse III2 4 - Date slanted with 0 set higher than 1.

Reverse C3b







1890 S



Another coin I should retake pictures of.

1890-CC VAM-4 Far Date, Tailbar Die gouge

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM

4 III2 3 C3c (Far Date, Tailbar Die gouge) (178) I-5 R-5

Obverse III2 3 - Date set further rigth than normal. Diagonal die gouge in back of eye.

Reverse C3c - Centered V CC mint mark tilted to right with vertical spikes of metal at top of both C's just to the left of serif.. Die Gouge to the left of the Eagle's Tailfeathers. This coin has a huge die gouge that emerges from the Eagle's tailfeathers and runs into the wreath. The popularity of this variety propelled it into the Red book as a mainstream variety and the price has skyrocketed since the Top 100 VAM book came out.


And another 1890 CC Tailbar




1890-P VAM-14 Doubled Profile, Slanted Date

14 III2 14-C3a (Doubled Profile, Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-3

Obverse III2 14 - Liberty head profile slightly doubled on nose, lips, and chin. Date slanted with 1 closest to rim.




1890-O VAM-4 Doubled 0, O/O Inside

4(revised) III22 · C3i (Doubled 0, O/O Inside) (181) I-3 R-5

Obverse III22– 0 in date doubled at top outside.

Reverse C3i– III O mint mark doubled as thick broken line at top inside.


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Large images here:







Large images here:




Wish I had more CC's (well, then again who wouldn't? :ninja: ) but after 1885 I will only be able to contribute from the other three mintmarks. Also don't have anything between 1893 and 1895 inclusve.

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Not sure the 1890 O may be a VAM-6 O Set High and Left

6 III2 1 - C3d (O Set High and Left) (181) I-2 R-3

Reverse C3d - Mint mark set high and left. link


The 1890 is a far date just can't tell for sure which one.


Close up of your coin date.

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Hey everybody.

Sorry I've been absent, it has been hectic recently, uncle in hospital, other uncle in hospital, vacation, and working on lots of coin sales

I am working on selling every single morgan that I have showed here, and some I haven't, I'm done with MS63-64, and I'm upgrading to 65-66.

I am also selling all my quarter eagles, and upgrading to MS62+, rather than having an AU collection

Keep the morgans comin' everybody :ninja:


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While we are still on 1891. Jim Hogg became the first native Texan to become Governor of Texas. Hannibal Hamlin died July 4, 1891 he was the first Republican Vice President serving under President Lincoln. Wrigley Company was founded. The Swiss Army Knife was invented. And my favorite idol from the past, Nicola Tesla invented the Tesla coil. For a short list on other happenings in 1891 see Wikipedia 1891.


Part of the coin collecting to me has always been the history of the times. I'll try to go back and link to the years events later on the ones already posted.

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Okay, on to 1892


Ellis Island received its first immigrants. In Springfield, Massachusetts, the first official basketball game is played. The father and stepmother of Lizzie Borden are found murdered. The Dalton Gang, attempting to rob 2 banks in Coffeyville, Kansas, is shot by the townspeople; only Emmett Dalton, with 23 wounds, survives to spend 14 years in prison. To mark the 400th anniversary Columbus Day holiday, the "Pledge of Allegiance" is first recited in unison by students in U.S. public schools.

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Alright 1893


From Wikipedia.

"The U.S. Marines intervene in Hawaii, resulting in overthrow of the government of Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii. Thomas A. Edison finishes construction of the first motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey. Rudolf Diesel receives a patent for the diesel engine. The 1893 World's Fair, also known as the World's Columbian Exposition, opens to the public in Chicago, USA. The first United States commemorative postage stamps are issued for the Exposition. The United States Supreme Court legally declares the tomato to be a vegetable. (Now some one say something about frivolous stuff in our courts now..) Gandhi commits his first act of civil disobedience in India. The flagship Victoria of the British Mediterranean Fleet collides with Camperdown and sinks in 10 minutes; Vice-admiral Sir George Tryon goes down with his ship. Colorado women are granted the right to vote. "

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Beautiful coins. One of the great things about Morgans is that they look better circulated than almost any other US coin.

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I've started going back on the dates and adding what was happening during those years. Made it up to 1883 so far may try a few more later today. Put some international history in but mainly U.S. stuff since this is about Morgans. And if I did it would be 2 to 3 times as long.

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Okay moving to 1894. What happened that year?


From Wikipedia.


"William Kennedy Dickson receives a patent for motion picture film. For the first time, Coca-Cola is sold in bottles. The May Day Riots of 1894 break out in Cleveland, Ohio. The Tower Bridge in London opens for traffic. A fire at the site of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago destroys most of the remaining buildings. Russian Tsar Alexander III is succeeded by his son Nicholas II. Dreyfus Affair: French Army officer Alfred Dreyfus is convicted of treason. Norman Rockwell born, American artist and illustrator (d. 1978) Jack Benny born, American actor and comedian (d. 1974) James Thurber born, American writer (d. 1961) "

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