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Morgan Dollar by year

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Time for the 1885's


I think all of these are ordinary vam 1's.



Color is off back ground paper is white.



1885 O






1885 S

Color is off here too. White paper back ground.




1885-CC VAM-3 CC Tilted Left 3 III2 1 - C3b (CC Tilted Left) I-2 R-4 Reverse C3b - Large V CCmint mark tilted left right C almost touches ribbon.


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Haven't had time to figure out what VAMs I have for 1884 ... so here they are:



1884 o date with in normal range, oval O upright and centered. Unless there is some doubling on the ear or cap I think vam 1. With the reverse it has it could be any of these.

VAM-1 VAM-4 VAM-4A VAM-4B VAM-5 (Opening in mint mark almost filled) VAM-5A VAM-5B VAM-5C VAM-16 VAM-19 VAM-19A VAM-23 VAM-23A VAM-24 VAM-26 VAM-28 VAM-34 VAM-36 VAM-37 VAM-37A VAM-40 VAM-41 VAM-41A VAM-42 VAM-42A VAM-42B VAM-43 VAM-44 VAM-46 VAM-47 VAM-49 VAM-51

But most of these have either far date, very far date or doubling I can't see.


1884 CC Mint mark centered don't see any doubling, Date something in the 8's. Also looks like a die break left wreath top. VAM 3 ?


1884 S Its on the edge but far date, can't really tell from the picture but possible doubling of mint mark. maybe a vam 4 if the mint mark is not doubled? When I first looked at it I thought an 11, but that is a tilted mint mark. Yours appears centered and up right. It may just be a very polished die also.


I'll try looking at the 1885's later.

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Okay, looks like a 1885-CC VAM-3 CC Tilted Left

3 III2 1 - C3b (CC Tilted Left) I-2 R-4

Reverse C3b - Large V CCmint mark tilted left right C almost touches ribbon.


1885 O has a high mint mark which would be a VAM 11 or 19. I'm leaning toward the 11. If the ear has doubling it should be a 19. But the one shown on vamworld does not look as high as yours does. But does seem to match the 11.


1885 P date seems like it has a little slant to it, but I don't think it matches up with the vam 17. There is a small line below but I can't tell if it is a scratch or photo artifact. Something which may just be a shadow look at the denticle below and to the right of the first 8. Is there a curved line in it?


Here is a close up of a 1896 8 in denticles to compare with for the curved line.


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And can I add in a late entry for 1881??


If you would go back to this post in the 1881 group and use the edit that way we keep in order. Even if you don't have a specific year right now you could make a post to every year and come back later when you get that year. I do that in the error museum listing of vams I have.


BTW I can't tell for sure with your pictures, but look at the vam 13 far date. (Double check for any thing else you may spot on it.) Just so you know most vams don't add to price, but are a nice bit of info to have. Some can though.

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Ok mark, look back a page, got the 1881 S morgan I picked up on there



Great, just in case you or anyone else misses a date, since I am posting to all the dates. I can edit one of mine and add your coin in. I'll put in any info you want along with it.

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1886 P



1886 o



Another 1886 P but this one has a planchet flaw in the bonnet. It has what looks like a retained off color metal.



1886-S VAM-2 S/S Repunched Mint Mark


This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM


2 III2 1 C3b (S/S) (187) I-2 R-4

Obverse III2 1 - Some specimens have die chips in 6 all across opening f top loop and in the upper part of the lower loop.

Reverse C3b - Doubled IV S mint mark tilted left with thin vertical line to right of top serif and metal at top left side of bottom serif.


1886-S VAM-2 S/S. The 1886-S VAM-2 has a repunched mintmark. A small portion of the S can be seen in front of the upper right serif as well as through the notched lower serif on the S.

This one does have the die chips in the loops of the 6.


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First 1886 p vam 11 ? One of the pics even has a die crack. One of your shots appeared to have even the die crack at the date.


Second 1886 p can't really see anything that jumps out at me.


1886 s thinking a VAM 2 but could be a vam 4. To me the top loop loks more like the vam2.




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1887-P VAM-5 Double Date I have two of these also known as a Breen 5594 Double date.


This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM


5 III2 5 C3a (Doubled Date) (190) I-4 R-4

Obverse III2 5 - Entire date doubled. The 1 is doubled slightly on top left side of lower crossbar. First 8 is doubled at top insideof upper loop and die chip is between the loops on the left side. Second 8 is doubled strongly at top inside of upper loop and die chips between the loops on both sides. The 7 is doubled below the crossbar and on the right side. Date set further left than normal.


1887 VAM-5 Repunched Date. The 1887 VAM-5 has a repunched date showing remains strongly below the horizontal crossbar of the 7 and inside the upper loop of the 2nd 8. Also note that the two eights in the date have extra metal in the middle near where the loops meet. Date set further left than normal.




1887-P VAM-12 Alligator Eye

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM


12(revised) III212 · C3a (Doubled LIBERTY, Alligator Eye) (190) I-3 R-3

Obverse III212– Front of eye doubled, LIBERTY slightly doubled on right side and ear slightly doubled on right inside. First three stars on right and all left stars and PLURIB slightly doubled towards rim.


1887 VAM-12 Alligator Eye. This VAM is extremely popular, mostly because of the interesting and memorable name, "Alligator Eye" Nicknamed because of the doubled front edge of Liberty's eye looks like that of an alligator. There is also doubling on the top and right edge of some letters in PLURIBUS. On the reverse of this VAM, there is evidence of a die clash. Several other 1887 dies are clashed so this is not a unique pick up point, but it may be useful to triage a roll of coins. Note that this coin is available in high grades. It is also one of the most available Top 100 coins and is considered a "gateway coin" luring collectors into the VAM specialty because of its name, availability and popularity. If you purchase one (as opposed to cherrypick), make sure you buy a nice high grade example and keep the premium paid to a minimum.





1887-O VAM-2 Doubled Date


This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM


2 III2 2 C3a (Doubled 1, Tripled 7) (181) I-5 R-4

Obverse III2 2 - The entire date has been doubled with shift to the right. The top points of the original 1 is visible to the left of the new 1 with dot of metal at top. The 7 is tripled with doubling at the top and a dot of metal to the left of the crossbar and metal at the extreme lower left. One of the largest shifts of date doubling known.


1887-O VAM-2 1887/1--7 multiple punched date This variety has an interesting overdate. Many of the 1880 overdates have the last digit, possibly the last two digits repunched over the 1879 date. In this case, both the first and the last digits are repunched. The remnants of the first punch are seen to the top left of the one and the bottom left of the 7. When attributing this VAM, be careful that the coin is not an 1887-O VAM-3 where the repunching shows stronger on the outside of the 7 rather than the inside.





1887 S


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Finally got some free time to fill in the blanks for 1887 and later...


1887-P, VAM 5:



Date detail:



Larger images:




1887-P (VAM unknown):






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Hey, T$ I saw your posts across the street with the new pictures. But it looks like you lost the links for the ones here.


BTW from the new shots I really can't see doubling unless the shot is a clear close up so you will have to check for the exact ones if you want.

1884 O looks like a far date oval O.

1886 O looks like far dates with mint mark in normal position

1896 looks like a slanted date. There are only two of those.

1898 O looks like a set set high O.

1904 O looks like a set high O just can't tell if it has a slight slant.

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