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German Notgeld

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I've accumulated some fifty or so different German `notgeld' pieces, mainly as a result of their appearance in lots that i've bought, but occasionally i've deliberately bought them (especially when ridiculously cheap!).


This one came with a job lot last week. It is fairly heavily corroded, but still caught my attention in that the detail remaining has left me thinking that it would have been a numismatic gem at one time and i'm now on the lookout for a better example. Some of the notgeld pieces i've seen are quite stunning, but others are....well........`functional' (as they were intended to be).


From Mettmann, Westphalia, a 10 pfennig kreigsgeld coin dated 1917



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I have a nice example of that coin and it is a very nice peice...notgeld is all over the place....sometimes very plain, sometime funny or odd, sometimes artistic....this one is the later.

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