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10kop 15kop and 20kop of 1931


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Hi all,


I have found in all records that there were struct coins of 10k,15k,20k silver on 1931! is that right? when I look for these coins I find only the type with the shield - standard coin, nothing special!


I wonder... were there two kind of these coins? can some one help and if it possible can I see pictures?




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yes there were silver too, dunno what the differance is though, would like to know myself.

there is a big difference - silver set of 1931 is very rare -

that is a reason you cannot easy find it,

sometimes comes to the auctions - prices ? - as you understand depends on its conditions

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yea but no visual differance?


1931 silver set is like 1924-1931 type from silver,

1931 with a man holding a shield - it is from nikel :ninja:

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