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My 1/3 farthing set complete!

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Life truly moves in mysterious ways. Just as this thread flowed on oneof the dealers I track on the eBay put up this nice coin which I promptly managed to steal from under the eyes and slow figers of other collectors for just - as said I do not like expensive coins - just over US$41 or $45 including shipping. NGC MS65 RB graded. Quite happy now - adding to the fact that I did not have this year before.




The only better one I have so far is probably 1902 red 1/3 farthing, quite nice, I'll add it here shortly as well.

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I agree think on the whole NGC seem to be more preferred by World coin collectors and PCGS by US. I don't think their is much of a difference between the two when it comes to grading. I have seen them both miss-attribute varieties in the past.


We also now have CGS coin drading in the UK. It's just most of my 1/3 farthings were in PCGS holders so I've just stuck with PCGS.


My fractional farthing collection is just a fun to me and I'm not doing it as an investment, but I do think they are undervalued.


Somehow I like NGC slabs better than PCGS, especially new ones that expose most of the rims. I would not rely on any of the grading services to pick on some of the varieties. For the 16 or 18 dollars one has to pay for lowest value tier they probably can;t spend but 5 minutes attributing, checking the refeence catalogs and if there is any existing reference to varieties maybe checking it a bit more.


I think I know why they are so popular on the eBay - for people like me who rarely have a chance to go to a coin show or really good coin shop - Internet remains the only place to buy and it can be easily a bust with unknown sellers, so slabs provide some sort on insurance for the buyer. If someone knows little of coins and is not a numismatist but a collector, slabs give a relatively objective opinion. The rest is really driven by the market, there are dozens of coins on eBay that sell every week under the cost of slabbing them and at the same time one can see a 5 dollar coin which is very easily available (take mid-late 50'th East Africa for example) for $30, $40 or even $50 at times.


By the way I agree that fractional farthings are undervalued. Even though smaller coins are easier to keep in good state of preservation, how can Krause value this 1881 144,000 mintage 1/3 farthing at $60 for unc, farthings of both Heaton and Royal mint with combined mintage of over 5,000,000 at $70, half-penny at 3.8 million mintage at $150+ and penny $250 to 400 with almost 6 million total mintage for the year? Something is wrong with this in my mind. But until the market figures it out, I will keep picking up fractionals and smaller denominations.

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Nice coin. :ninja:


I don't know how the new NGC pronged holders will look with these.

From what I've seen the smaller the coin the worse it looks in the new NGC holders, as the prongs cover more of the coin. I do like the fact that you can see more of the edge but I wish they would use see-through prongs instead.


The good thing about NGC registry is that they let you upload PCGS coins as well. PCGS registry won't let you upload NGC coins.

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