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Medal: royal visit of king George V and queen Mary

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Is this medal for a "general royal visit use" or has it been issued for a certain visit?




Ca. 1910-1936 AD.,

Bronze Medal (21,5 mm / 3,11 g), original integral suspension loop removed,

Obv.: KING GEORGE V. AND QUEEN MARY , their heads facing left, above, a crown with oak and laurel branches.

Rev.: COMMEMORATING - THE ROYAL VISIT / HONI SOIT QUI - MAL Y PENSE , around crowned circle containing three shields with arms of England, Scotland and Ireland.



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At first glance I thought it was one that the Royal Canadian Mint did during a royal visit in 1935 or so, but this design does appear to be a generic British produced piece for distribution for sale wherever the royals visited. The Canadian piece is in some of the older Canadian catalogues.

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