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Hi, I have only very recently begun collecting coins and know next too nothing about them, and I actually just happened to come across this site while looking for something else, but after reading through a couple of topics it seems like a nice place to be, so I thought I would join.


At the minute I'm looking into collecting fairly recent British stuff, but I'm opening up too the idea of older and foreign coins.

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Hi Mr. Delmonti!


Welcome to CoinPeople. You chose a great forum to become a member in. There are many experts here and everyone will answer your questions as best they can. We have a sizable British forum (and population) here ranging from modern commemoritive coins to old, ugly hammered coins!


Welcome and we look forward to learning about your collecting interests!

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...ugly hammered coins!


Are there such things? ;)




A very warm welcome to you mrdelmonti! I look forward to seeing some of your coins and learning your interests.


This is a great forum with a wide range of collectors, enjoy your stay! :ninja:

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Hello. Glad you started collecting and decided to join us. We have a pretty wide range of interests here. There's always the danger that you'll be exposed to something you just can't resist.

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Thanks for the warm welcome ;) I must say I'm already taking a shine to gothic florins after seeing a few on here :ninja:


That´s dangerous: I´m also tempted to buy a gothic florin since i registered here, seriously!


(I´m a coinoholic - please help)



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