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need help with 1922 George V penny

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I have 4 1922 George V pennies. I have been told about the rare 1922 but I cannot tell if any of them are the rare type. There is one of the coins that is almost prooflike ( There were no proofs that year ) and does stand out but I still am not sure. I have pictures of the rev side of all 4 coins. I really would appreciate anyones help with this...I am new here so I wasnt sure where to put this. :ninja:





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that first one is very nice, none of those are rare.

it is easy to spot best way is the to tell is that the boarders are toothed not beaded, and the tridant is lower(centre prong is way below tooth)

Thank you so much for your help, has had me stumped ;)


The first coin you mentioned is in prooflike condition which also stumped me as there were no proofs made, on the reverse of this coin the end colon is missing, all 3 others have this colon.

You are a star ;) I can now list them on Ebay!

:ninja: Thank you!!

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