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At what point is something a coin?

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I'm sorry if you disagree, but this is not a coin in my opinion:



You can read about the coin here: http://www.coinnews.net/2009/05/07/2009-tu...-triangle-coin/


I don't see a denomination on it. I think that is what makes a coin a coin.... What do you think?


I guess the "coin" is also made by an independent mint and that may keep it from being considered a legitimate coin too.

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Coin would be a bit of a stretch, but definitely NCLT. BTW it does say 1 Crown on the reverse, but in all reality in IOM that is not a real circulating denomination but represents some nominal value against sterling.

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nah its a coin.

pobjoy mint is the offical mint of the isle of man so that case is fine

and a crown is usualy the commemorative denomination of £ (25p coin)


Thanks for the clarification, Scott!

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Odd looking thing...

I do see the 1 crown, but didn't see it until I read down a few posts!


At first site, I'd say, maybe a cracker, like a Triscuit...LOL


I consider it odd looking, because to me, a coin is round... :ninja:

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Well they might if it was at face value LOL and not what they charge you for it :ninja: Oh and if it was the silver version ;)

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