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Southern Rhodesia shillings

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I guess it will be a bit too much to try and post a bunch of coins many coins in a single thread so I am thinking about splitting them up by some criteria. Let me know what you think.


Let's start with the Southern Rhodesia shillings


George V, KM-3, initial Rhodesia silver coinage, KM-3:




George VI, short lived 1937 issue, KM-11:




George VI, second series, KM-18:




Reduced silver when Rhodesia went from sterling 925 to 500 silver, KM-18a:




George VI post war copper-nickel series, KM-22:



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Interesting design on the reverse. I've not seen one before your post.

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You will find the bird on the coins of Zimbabwi




Have to say that is quite a impressive collection of shillings that you have there sandy :ninja:

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