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Marquis of Granby 1759

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Bust of the Marquis of Granby, r., hair short, in armour and riband across the breast. Leg. THE BRITISH HERO . THE MARQUIS OF GRANBY.

Rev. A heart, crowned, within a wreath of laurel.


1759 Medal of John Manners 1721-1770. The Marquis of Granby. Hero of the Battle of Minden Aug. 1st 1759. Brass 27mm. MI 703/436. Rare.


There are many pubs still named The Marquis of Granby. They were originally named so, partly due to his personal sponsorship of his disabled non-commissioned officers as publicans and also because of his public popularity as a war hero.


He was also praised, not just by the british, but his enemies too for his heroism, one went so far as to commission a portrait of him.


He lost his hair whilst young, but rather than wear a wig (fashionable at that time) he was proud of his baldness and even had his portraits painted with his pate bare, as he is portrayed on this medal.

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