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A British School Medal

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Great Britain, British School Medal, by Joseph Davis, Birmingham, 1830-1860 AD.,

White Metal Medal (33 mm / 9,66 g),

Obv.: REMEMBER NOW / THY CREATOR / ECCL. C. 12. V. I / DAVIS. BIRM , girl standing in front of her father seated left; above, rays (of the sun); behind, columns tree and cornucopiae.

Rev.: REWARD / OF / MERIT , in a wreath.

http://www.neocollect.com/articles/7/ .


This medal probably was made in Birmingham by Joseph Davis, a well-known medallist and die-engraver who produced a number of medals in support of political reform and against slavery.

Davis was active in Birmingham, England from about 1830 to 1860.



Additions and corrections welcome!



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Can't see your images, geordie.



So that medal was often given to students? Man, I wish they did that today, I'd have loads of those!


Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

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Forrer doesn't have much to say about Joseph Davis but this is pretty clearly one of his productions. It does say that he died about 1857 and seems to have stopped working about 1850 or so. It also notes that he was not an engraver himself but manufactured medals using dies produced for him.


A very nice piece. :ninja:

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Forgot to mention. at 40 mm and 30 gms you would certainly know it was hanging around your neck! :ninja: No edge inscription nor mint mark or engravers initials. Probably locally produced but nice work nontheless ;)

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