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My friends, you been so helpful. Got another, HELP!


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hmm looks like ottoman (turkey) 2 piastres, (could be any other value from 1-10) made of silver though not rare but nice 1909-18 the date.


ScottO....You da man!!! Thx! Put me in the right direction, it's actualy a 1 Kurush 1867 Turkey. Found this pic on worldcoingallery.com.


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yea goin off a book, only has a few images, could only find a coin with similar design to that for that date, glad you found out what it is


It is Turkey 1 Kurush (if it weights 1,2 g) or 2 Kurush (if it weights 2,4 g), but the date of your coin is different. It is AH 1293//11 which corresponds to 1885 AD.

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