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James V1 1603


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The common error is to think the 'VI' by a king's bust implies that's his number. It's the denomination in pence.


Thats a useful bit of information NumisMattic2200 , being new to Hammereds and particularly admiring this era id assumed the Vl was indeed refering to him being the Vlth and eased me into a laziness of not thinking James l didnt become James Vl until 1603.


Ive just bought one and hope to see it next week sometime,not as early as that one (1624) so mine will be a James Vlth,my only dilemma is to my mind what ive bought looks too big to be a sixpence,its got me wondering , when i say too big..i mean it appears to possibly be 10p size.Im wondering if it is a sixpence at all.

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